Lee C. Camp Featured on Patheos.com

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Brazos author Lee C. Camp, whose recent book Who Is My Enemy? just released last week, contributed to the ‘Remembering 9/11’ feature on Patheos.com.  It is called “Is Christian Just War Just Like Jihad?” and explores several themes of Who Is My Enemy. In it, Camp writes:

“When it comes to questions of war and peace, is American Christianity more like Muhammad or Jesus?

Since 9/11, such a question has seemed outrageous to many Americans. But perhaps the offense is grounded in some unhelpful assumptions.

Here in the Bible Belt, many argue that Islam is inherently war-mongering and oppressive, and that it is waging a “holy war” against anyone that refuses to embrace Muhammad.  Others around the country assert that all religions are inherently concerned with the same ethical core, pursuing “love” and “peace.”

Both these stereotypes are deeply problematic, and their assertions ironic.”

You can read Dr. Camp’s feature in its entirety here.

“Is Christian Just War Just Like Jihad” is a part of a much larger feature of Lee C. Camp on Patheos.com. Who Is My Enemy? will be a featured book in the Sept. 16-30th Patheos Book Club. Starting on the 16th, Patheos will begin hosting all kinds of new content connected to Camp and Who Is My Enemy? – including videos, interviews and excerpts. So be on the lookout for that!

Finally, Lee Camp will be interviewed on the popular web-television series “Darkwood Brew” this Sunday at 6 pm EST. Look for it here.

We are very excited that Who Is My Enemy? has released and believe that it will contribute in significant ways to the growing conversation of how Christianity should understand and relate to Islam. For more information on Lee C. Camp and Who Is My Enemy? click here.

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