The Weekly Hit List – October 14, 2011

J.R. Daniel Kirk continued his review of Christian Smith’s The Bible Made Impossible on his blog Storied Theology:
Part II

Part III

Part IV (“So my love fest with The Bible Made Impossible continues.”)

Scot McKnight posted his third blog post on Who Is My Enemy? Check it out here.

Camp’s Who Is My Enemy? and Volf’s A Public Faith were both included in The Christian Century’s “Take & Read” list for Practical Theology.

Speaking of Volf, check out Byron Borger’s review of A Public Faith on the Q Ideas website.

The Brazos Blog’s Song of Songs Giveaway

Congratulations to Robert Marcello on winning our most recent giveaway. Robert will receive a complimentary copy of Paul J. Griffiths’s Song of Songs entry in the Brazos Theological Commentaries on the Bible series.

Check back here next week for our next giveaway.