The Weekly Hit List: December 16, 2011

Tony Jones wrapped up his three-part blog series on Christian Smith’s The Bible Made Impossible with Entry 3: The Fatal Flaw.

In the comments section of the third entry you can follow an exchange between Tony and Christian Smith.

Tony Jones’ previous entries:

Entry 1: The Ailment
Entry 2: The Cure


Greg Metzger wrote a piece for Books & Culture titled “Applying Volf,” in which he uses principles from Miroslav Volf’s A Public Faithas he discusses Christian leaders who become active political voices.Check out the article here.


Christian Century also recommended A Public Faith on a list of ‘Theology and Spirituality’ books. Check it out here.

Daniel Taylor’s Creating a Spiritual Legacy was listed among five “Great Gifts to Give: For the Spiritual Seeker” on the Spirituality & Health magazine website. 

Publishers Weekly recently posted a positive review of David Benner’s upcoming Brazos book Spirituality and the Awakening Self: The Sacred Journey of Transformation.

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