Brazos Best of the Best of 2011

A very happy 2012 from us at The Brazos Blog. We are looking forward to what this new year will bring – and we have many new titles that we are excited about.

However, before focusing on 2012 we want to acknowledge our 2011 titles that recently appeared on various “Best Of” list around the online and print world.

Relevant magazine named Lee C. Camp’s Who Is My Enemy? number 4 on its Top 10 Books of 2011. They wrote:

“Camp suggests taking the question that was on everyone’s lips after the 9/11 attacks (“How could they do this to us?”) as an authentic agenda for understanding: “What in their experience, in their presuppositions, in their vision, could contribute to the deeds or words or actions we find so unjust and horrid?” Reading Who Is My Enemy reminded me of the growing pains I’d get as a kid, usually at night. It was going to be uncomfortable for a while, but I knew I was going to wake up bigger.”


Scot McKnight named Christian Smith’s The Bible Made Impossible the Jesus Creed Book of the Year.

“In spite of being panned by a few notable evangelicals, Smith is one of America’s finest scholars of evangelicalism, knows theology, and has poked populist evangelicalism in the eye — both eyes in fact. He has laid down a challenge that must be met: How to read the Bible in a way that does not lead to pervasive pluralism but leads to conclusions on which we can agree enough to say “Thus saith the Lord.” Until that happens, we’ve got too many lone rangers claiming “Thus saith the Lord.” What good is it to say we’ve got the very Word of God if we can’t agree on what the Word says?”

McKnight also listed Camp’s Who Is My Enemy? in his list of the best books of 2011 under the “World Issues” category.

The Englewood Review of Books named several Brazos titles in their Best Books of 2011 list – including Miroslav Volf’s A Public Faith, Christian Smith’s The Bible Made Impossible, and Lee C. Camp’s Who Is My Enemy?

Publishers Weekly named Volf’s A Public Faith among the Top 100 Books of 2011 (and the Top 10 in Religion):

“The gifted Christian theologian answers a pressing question in a pluralistic culture, arguing that nonexclusionary theological truth is not only possible but also socially healthy.”

Congratulations to our authors!


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