Brian Walsh Article on Cockburn in Huffington Post

Brazos author Brian Walsh recently published an article titled “Pacing the Cage: The Prophetic Hope of Bruce Cockburn” in The Huffington Post.

Walsh writes:

[…] Cockburn’s songs have often given me a glimpse beyond the normal. A glimpse that sometimes breaks through my culturally imposed numbness, sometimes allows me to hear “rumours of glory” in the midst of the betrayal and ruins (“Rumours of Glory”), sometimes reminds me of the mystery that is at the heart of things.

With Cockburn I have sometimes been able to identify my deepest longings — personally, culturally, economically and ecologically — as “waiting for a miracle.”

“Struggle for a dollar, scuffle for a dime
Step out from the past and try to hold the line
So how come history takes such a long, long time
When you’re waiting for a miracle”

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