Evolution of Adam Blog Tour: Day One

As we posted earlier, Peter Enns kicked off the blog tour for The Evolution of Adam with a blog post titled “Why I Wrote The Evolution of Adam“.

Two other bloggers posted reviews of the book today.


James McGrath posted the first of three blog entries today. He writes:

“[…] Enns provides not merely a book about Adam, but also a good general introduction to the history, methods and essence of scholarly study of the Bible, using Adam as an example.

It is thus reasonable to hope that this book will do more than just address concerns that some Christians have related to modern biology. This book may help a larger number of Evangelicals to grasp and embrace Biblical scholarship to a greater extent and less selectively than tends to be the case at present.”

Dr. James F. McGrath is Clarence L. Goodwin Chair in New Testament Language and Literature at Butler University. He currently blogs at “Exploring Our Matrix”.


Justin Topp will also be posting three times this week. He posted his first entry today:

“[…] I believe the book to be a great contribution to the field of science and religion (as you’ll see in the upcoming posts as well). After my first reading of it I labeled it a great conversation-starter and thinking about it longer hasn’t changed my mind one bit. It’s a well-written, well-reasoned, and timely book that will illuminate yet leave you asking questions. It’s not the end all be all on this topic, but it wasn’t designed to be. It was written to show Christians what the Bible doesn’t say about Adam.

And once you know what it doesn’t say, perhaps you can then begin to realize what it actually does say.”

Dr. Justin Topp is Associate Professor of Biology at Gordon College in Wenham, MA. He currently blogs at “A Biologist’s View of Science & Religion”.


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