Lectionary Reflection for the Third Sunday after Epiphany

From Jonah (BTCB) by Phillip Cary, commenting on Jonah 3: 1

It all starts again, just as before, with the very same words we read at the be­ginning except for the added phrase reminding us that it is the second time. The Lord is nothing if not persistent, always ready to begin again. But this time things should be different. For Jonah is not just starting over again; he has been given a new life out of the depths of Sheol, like Israel freed from exile in Babylon, like a man buried with Christ in baptism and raised to newness of life. The second half of the book of Jonah tells the story of one reborn from the dead.

So we go back to square one, yet expect a very different story. In the first half of the book of Jonah, the man of God runs away from God but ends up saving a whole boatload of Gentiles in spite of himself. In this half he will actually cooper­ate in carrying out his mission as a prophet. At least to some degree, his reborn will is in conformity with the word of the Lord.


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