Evolution of Adam Blog Tour: Day Four

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Nathaniel Claiborne posted his blog entry for the tour today. He writes:

“Given that the book is mostly focused on biblical studies and hermeneutical issues, it is really more concerned with the discussing how the conversation about Adam has evolved, as Enns hopes it will continue to do (p. xiii). Enns more or less steers away from issues related to science and evolution, though it is clear he assumes that current scientific thought concerning human origins provides a true account of the matter.”

Nathaniel currently blogs at “NathanielClaiborne.com”.


Justin Topp posted his second entry for the blog tour. He writes:

“As I alluded to on Monday, the title of the book is a bit misleading. Evolution is a reason for questioning a literal interpretation of Genesis, but it is not the only one and as a reason itself is not covered in depth. Instead, Enns chooses to focus Part 1 of his book on the other reasons, reasons that do not receive as much attention and stem from his discipline of Biblical studies.”

Justin currently blogs at “A Biologist’s View of Science & Religion”.