Evolution of Adam Blog Tour: Day Three

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Rachel Held Evans posted her entry in the blog tour: “I Could Have Used This Twelve Years Ago: A Review of ‘The Evolution of Adam’ by Peter Enns”. She writes:

“For me, this book served as both a reality check and an inspiration—a rare combination that you just won’t find in most books that take historical and literary criticism seriously. I wish I could get into all the details of what made this book so helpful, but this would require a series of posts that will have to wait for a later time.

For now, just know that The Evolution of Adam comes with my heartfelt, enthusiastic recommendation. Learning to love the Bible for what it is, not what we want it to be, means taking its context and history seriously. Enns has managed to do that in a way that both enlightens and encourages.” (emphasis hers).

Rachel is the author of Evolving in Monkey Town (Zondervan, 2010).
She currently blogs at RachelHeldEvans.com.


Jacob Sweeney posted his review of The Evolution of Adam.  He begins by writing:

“The 20th century saw considerable debate surrounding evolution and Christianity. It appears that the 21st century will not fare differently (at least, presently). There continues to be significant debate and disagreement among evangelicals (broadly defined). Peter Enns has been at the center of this issue for some time.”

Jacob is currently pursuing a MDiv in Christian Ministry at Southern Baptist Seminary.
He currently blogs at “Jacob Sweeney’s Blog”.


James McGrath posted his third blog entry on Enns’s book. He writes:

“I highly recommend this book, and am hopeful that the significant number of books by Evangelical scientists and scholars addressing the relevant scientific and textual evidence related to the intersection of evolution and Christian faith will lead to a shift away from deceptive nonsense like young-earth creationism, and towards a serious whole-hearted engagement with the best Biblical scholarship and science.”

James currently blogs at “Exploring Our Matrix”.


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