Living Into Focus Book Club

A terrific conversation has been going on concerning Living Into Focus: Choosing What Matters In An Age of Distractions at the Patheos Book Club. In an early post, Arthur Boers challenged us to think of focal practices that are meaningful and life-giving to us.

He writes:

“It’s a cliché now to talk about how quickly New Year’s resolutions break down. It’s often just too hard to impose and live by restrictions. Oughts, musts, and shoulds are all important, no doubt about that, but I for one do not find them very motivating.

Naming and honoring what gives one life is far more attractive and winsome. So, choose life.”

(Read the entire post here).

Various bloggers have responded to Arthur’s call and written about their own focal practices:

“Our Blessing, Our Curse” by Anna Quinn

“What Is Your Focal Practice?” by Jen Steed

“Grandparenting as a Focal Practice” by Bruce Epperly

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