Spirituality and the Awakening Self Giveaway

We are very excited about David Benner’s new Brazos book Spirituality and the Awakening Self: The Sacred Journey of Transformation.

How excited? Well, so excited that we are giving away five copies here on The Brazos Blog.

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Winners will be announced on the March 2nd Weekly Hit List.

From Publishers Weekly:

“A challenging multidisciplinary analysis of psychological change and spiritual development. . . . Blending insights from psychology, theology, anthropology, his own clinical practice, and other disciplines, the author suggests that the adventurous journey of the ‘awakening self’ is one of experiencing the possibility of ‘radical’ transformation leading to oneness with God. Throughout the book, stories from the Christian mystics and other spiritual tutors provide a rich array of examples of communion with the divine as the writer presents his vision of the self as it moves from one stage of consciousness to the next. . . . [Readers] will find this profound journey into spiritual and psychological growth provocative, enriching, and full of insights that will stay with them after they have put down the book.”

This giveaway has expired.