The Weekly Hit List: February 11, 2012

Peter Enns’s new Brazos book The Evolution of Adam: What the Bible Does and Doesn’t Say about Human Origins has received a lot of attention this week. Here are links to some blogs that have engaged with this book:

Ben Irwin’s Blog – Part 1   Part 2

DavidTLamb. com

A Biologist’s View of Science & Religion

“RJS” posted two more entries for the “Jesus Creed” Blog:

“What About Enuma Elish and Other ANE Myths?” and “Adam and Atrahasis

Be Not Afraid: Facing Fear with Faith by Samuel Wells was reviewed by Church Times. The reviewer writes:

“My advice to readers is to take these essays one at a time and let them sink in. They are not the sort of pieces that demand, or even allow of, argumentative analysis — or, at least, not before their point has gone home. I got something from each. I specially profited from “Loving Yourself” and “The Discipline of Joy”. But there is much to value, not least in the biblical expositions, particularly of Old Testament stories.”

Read the entire review here.

Christian Smith’s The Bible Made Impossible was featured in another post by Rachel Held Evans. She writes:

“While Smith does not question the inspiration and authority of Scripture, he questions attempts to reduce the Bible to a ‘blueprint for living’ with a simplistic attitude that begins with, ‘God said it, I believe it, that settles it.’ Instead, Smith argues that ‘Jesus Christ is the true and final Word of God, in relation to whom scripture is God’s secondary, written word of witness and testimony.'”

Her post is called “God Hates Cretans? (and other passages of Scripture we’d rather not talk about)”.

Living Into Focus Book Giveaway

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From Publishers Weekly:

“Boers offers a needed antidote to the way of life he maintains has hijacked our humanity: technology addiction. A Benedictine oblate, the author summons readers to become intentional about habits that will cost something–write a letter instead a shoot off an email–rather than default continually to the path of least resistance and pick up the TV remote.”

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