The Weekly Hit List: February 24, 2012

Arthur Boers’ Living Into Focus: Choosing What Matters in an Age of Distractions is currently a part of the Book Club.

There has been some wonderful interactions with the book and interesting input on “focal practices” by Dr. Boers and others.

Here are some highlights:

“Choosing What Matters: An Interview with Arthur Boers” by Deborah Arca

“Today’s Focal Practice: Eating Together” by Arthur Boers

“Grandparenting as a Focal Spiritual Practice” by Bruce Epperly

Check out the conversation – and even add your own “focal practice” in the Book Club Roundtable.

Rachel Held Evans wrote another entry in her series on Christian Smith’s The Bible Made Impossible.

She writes:

“Maybe it’s just because I’ve lived in the Bible Belt my whole life, but when Smith writes that,  among evangelicals, Jesus often gets ‘sidelined by the interest in defending every proposition and account as inerrant, universally applicable, contemporarily applicable, and so on in ways that try to make the faith “relevant” for everyday concerns,’ I totally get it.”


On the “Jesus Creed” blog, RJS wrote another great post on Peter Enns’ The Evolution of Adam titled “Is the Adam of Genesis Not Paul’s Adam”:

“The approach taken by Enns here will no doubt stretch the thinking of many. To make his point more clearly Enns moves on in the next chapter to take a careful look at the way Paul used the Hebrew Scriptures in his writing and in his arguments. We’ll look at this in the next post.”

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