The Weekly Hit List: February 3, 2012

In addition to the fantastic bloggers who participated in our Evolution of Adam Blog Tour, several other blogs engaged with Peter Enns’s important book this week. Here are some links:

“RJS” at the “Jesus Creed” blog wrote another wonderful piece engaging with Enns’s book.

“(Youth) Ministry in Progress” posted a review.

Paul at “Disoriented. Reoriented.” posted a review.

“Awaiting A White Robe” posted twice on the book: Part 1   Part 2

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John Pattison, at “Slow Church,” posted an interview he conducted with Miroslav Volf for a future article in Neue magazine. In it, Volf says:

“The book has been a long time in gestation. Indeed, the individual pieces, though written with the unity in mind, have been written across a relatively wide swath of time – some 15 years if I recall correctly, and one even older than that. I have been thinking about these issues for quite some time. A Public Faith was the result. ”

Read the interview here.


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