Video: Peter Enns on Reading the Bible Well

Here is the last of three clips with Peter Enns, author of the just released The Evolution of Adam: What the Bible Does and Doesn’t Say About Human Origins!


  1. Dr. Enns hits the nail on the head: “I don’t see evolution as this major shift…it’s just another piece of the puzzle that encourages us to read the Bible for what it is, and for all it’s worth, and to allow the Bible to be the Bible — to allow that to speak into our lives rather than forcing our lives to speak onto the Bible.” Great observation.

    • I still don’t see how what Dr. Enns says here is novel…Richard Pratt’s well known text “He Gave us Stories” emphasizes a hermaneutic of “original meaning” which the Israelite audience would have understood it to mean. And no Israelite would have interpreted Genesis along evolutionary lines. Isn’t this precisely what Enns is saying? If so, I fail to understand why his writings are so controversial.

  2. It continues to amaze me that statements are made about how ancient Israelites would have understood Genesis, when there is nothing in ANE literature that gives us any reason to think that all the ANE creation texts were believed to mean what they say, not to show some truth in mythic form. It also puzzles me how one could accept macro-evolution and still want to be a Christian. If the science Enns trusts in is correct, the biblical authors, and Jesus himself, didn’t know what they were talking about, so why listen to them? What’s more, given Enn’s view, why believe in Jesus at all? There wasn’t an Adam, so there wasn’t a Fall. Everything is just the way it;s supposed to be and there’s no such as sin to be forgiven for. If God had some responsibility for evolution, then he planned for the world to be as it is. There’s noting to redeem. If you are going to treat science as inerrant, than you need to be consistent.