The Weekly Hit List: March 23, 2012

We’ve been posting a conversation we had with Dr. David Benner about his recent Brazos book Spirituality and the Awakening Self here on the blog.

Meanwhile, over at, Benner’s book is being featured in their Book Club. In a great article written for Patheos, titled “Being and Becoming: Learning from the Mystics,” Dr. Benner writes:

“Most Christians find the mystics mystifying. Their language often makes it hard to identify with them, their lifestyle seems out of sync with modernity, and their message simply doesn’t seem relevant to life as most of us know and live it. It’s easy, therefore, to think of mysticism as a hobby for people on the fringe of life—spiritual gurus or others seeking esoteric spiritual experiences. But this easy dismissal would be unfortunate because the mystics are surprisingly relevant to modern life and their message is much more practical than usually realized.”

Check out the entire article here.

See the rest of the Book Club content here.

Earlier this week we offered Charles Gutenson’s recent Brazos title Christians and the Common Good: How Faith Intersects with Public Life free as an ebook.

If you missed out on the offer (which, if I may point out, is a great reason to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!), the ebook is still available at an extremely reduced price!

You can get the ebook at Amazon,, and

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