Book Giveaway: God and Charles Dickens

Golly. It’s been a while since we’ve handed out some free books on the Brazos Blog. So, in order to correct this, we are giving away five copies of our most recent Brazos title – God and Charles Dickens: Recovering the Christian Voice of a Classic Author by Gary L. Colledge.

2012 is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens and his writings continue to be widely read and studied. In this book, Gary Colledge highlights the often neglected area in Dickens studies- his firm Christian voice and worldview. To get at this, Colledge examines Dickens’s novels, letters, and other writings.

“Colledge has written a serious, bracing, and inspiring book about one of the most underrated great writers in the English language. He shows clearly that Charles Dickens was a splendid example of what John Wesley called an ‘experimental Christian,’ a man less impressed by official pieties and sanctimonies of religious parties than by the hands-on, practical love of Jesus himself.” -David Lyle Jeffrey


This giveaway has now closed.