The Weekly Hit List: April 27, 2012

Peter Enns’s book The Evolution of Adam: What the Bible Does and Doesn’t Say about Human Origins has gotten much online attention this week.

James K. A. Smith wrote a review on The Colossian Forum: “Whose Bible? Which Adam?”

J. R. Daniel Kirk wrote a response (to Smith’s review) on his blog, Storied Theology: “What’s Wrong with Theological Exegesis”.

Enns was also featured in video from the symposium Biblical Faith in an Age of Science; Adam & Eve, Evolution, and Evangelicalism that took place on the NC State campus on April 12.  Here he talks about problems with Adam and evolution, and here the panel talks about Adam and Eve, evolution, and evangelicalism.

For additional video of Peter Enns describing The Evolution of Adam,  click here, here, and here.


Quick Hits:

Jim Wallis wrote about his recent sabbatical and his forthcoming book with Brazos Press in “Listening for the Voice of Aslan.”

Brian Walsh’s Kicking at the Darkness is a finalist in The Word Guild’s 2012 Canadian Christian Writing Awards. Kicking at the Darkness was also reviewed on A Sideways Glance.