The Weekly Hit List: April 6, 2012

The April issue of our newsletter “Border Crossings” was just sent out.

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Two Brazos books were selected among the finalists for the Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Awards:

Miroslav Volf’s A Public Faith was selected in the “Religion” category.

Daniel Taylor’s Creating a Spiritual Legacy was selected in the “Body, Mind & Spirit” category.

See the full list of finalists here.


Several blogs have given attention to Christian Smith’s The Bible Made Impossible: Why Biblicism Is Not a Truly Evangelical Reading of Scripture. Many have been linking to the terrific interview with Smith by Frank Viola on the “Beyond Evangelical” blog. If you haven’t read this interview yet, check it out here.

Here are some blogs that have posted on The Bible Made Impossible:

“I Call You Friend” Blog

“Can’t Catch My Breath” Blog

“Court Can Write” Blog

 Quick Hits:

Peter Enns’s The Evolution of Adam was reviewed on the “Falling Off a Cliff Backwards” blog.

Brian Walsh’s Kicking at the Darkness was mentioned in a Vancouver Sun article.

Many great posts came from David Benner’s Spirituality and the Awakening Self being a part of the Patheos Book Club. Be sure to check out Tony Jones’s post (he’s giving away a copy of the book!).

Miroslav Volf’s A Public Faith was reviewed on the “Ends & Means” blog.

Harold Cameron reviewed Samuel Well’s Be Not Afraid on his blog.


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