The Weekly Hit List: July 20, 2012

Peter Enns, author of The Evolution of Adam, was interviewed by The Discarded Image.

Following is an excerpt of his response to the question, “How much value should opinions of what is orthodox or what is heretical drive or limit one’s consideration of new ideas?”

“That’s a tough question, in part because orthodoxy and heterodoxy are not always as clear across the Christian spectrum as we might like to believe. . . . I think one’s exploratory thinking shouldn’t constantly reinvent the wheel, but be in conversation both with the broad Christian tradition and with those who disagree on the basis of their perceptions of what that tradition requires. . . .

“. . . when perceived systems of orthodoxy are seen as unquestioned arbiters of new ideas, the truth is not going to be served, and therefore God is not going to be served. Rather than, ‘What you say challenges our system, and so you are wrong,’ I would like to hear, ‘What you say challenges our system, yet we assume what you have to say is worth listening to. We do not know exactly where this will go at the outset, but let’s trust each other as we take this journey together.'”


Quick Hits:

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A Public Faith by Miroslav Volf was reviewed in Signs of the Times.

The Bible Made Impossible  by Christian Smith was reviewed on Lawrence Garcia’s blog.

Dale Goldsmith,  co-author of Speaking of Dying, was featured on the Princeton Alumni Weekly blog.

God and Charles Dickens by Gary L. Colledge was recommended summer reading on Her.meneutics.

Exploring Ecclesiology by Brad Harper and Paul Louis Metzger was recommended by Andy Naselli.