The Weekly Hit List: October 12, 2012

Spirituality and the Awakening Self by David Benner was reviewed in the October 2012 issue of The Diocesan Post, a section of The Anglican Journal.

“In a day when the world is filled with self-help books, offering advice with varying degrees of helpfulness, Benner reconnects the process of transformational change with the world’s spiritual traditions, particularly reflecting his own deep rooted-ness in the mystical tradition of Christianity.

“Benner offers a helpful corrective to some of the self-centered road maps that are popular in our individualistic culture, suggesting, ‘Ultimately transformation is not even really about me. It is about an increasing recognition of the reality of the me-in-God and the God-in-me. Self-engineered attempts at transformation are far too self-focused to truly allow my ego-self to die and my spirit-centered self to emerge.'”

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Quick Hits:

Living into Focus by Arthur Boers was reviewed by Jeff Loach of Presbyterian Record.
It was also reviewed by Jeff Borden on his blog, iCrucified.

Speaking of Dying by Fred Craddock, Dale Goldsmith, and Joy V. Goldsmith was featured in a “Take & read” piece on Christian Century.

An excerpt from Speaking of Dying was featured on

A Hobbit Journey by Matthew Dickerson was reviewed by Jeff Lonsinger on his blog, Pastor Jeff’s Ramblings.

The Evolution of Adam by Peter Enns was reviewed by Randal Hardman on his blog, The Bara Initiative.

A Public Faith by Miroslav Volf was reviewed in the August 2012 issue of The Messenger.


Ebook Specials and Other Offers:

October ebook specials are currently running for multiple Brazos Press and Baker Academic titles. All of these are at least 75% off.

Deconstructing Theodicy by David B. Burrell
Song of Songs (BTCB series) by Paul J. Griffiths
Under the Influence by Monica Ganas
The Mind and the Machine by Matthew Dickerson
John (Paideia series) by Jo-Ann A. Brant
The Fall of Interpretation by James K. A. Smith
Killing Enmity by Thomas R. Yoder Neufield
Finding Your Plot in a Plotless World by Daniel de Roulet
Second Corinthians (CCSS series) by Thomas D. Stegman, SJ
A Liturgy of Grief by Leslie C. Allen