This Just In: Educating All God’s Children by Nicole Baker Fulgham (and a Giveaway)

Educating All Gods ChildrenAmerica strives to be a land of equal opportunity, but our nation’s public schools are not leveling the playing field for the fifteen million children growing up in poverty. By the time kids in low-income communities are in fourth grade, they’re already three grade levels behind their peers in wealthier communities. More than half won’t graduate from high school–and many that do graduate only perform at an eighth-grade level. Only one in ten will go on to graduate from college. These students have severely diminished opportunities for personal prosperity and professional success.

Education expert Nicole Baker Fulgham explores what Christians can–and should–do to champion urgently needed reform and help improve our public schools. The book provides concrete action steps for working to ensure that all of God’s children get the quality public education they deserve. It also features personal narratives from the author and other Christian public school teachers that demonstrate how the achievement gap in public education can be solved.

Nicole Baker Fulgham (PhD, UCLA) is president and founder of The Expectations Project, a national organization that mobilizes people of faith to support public education reform and close the academic achievement gap. She is the former vice president of faith community relations at Teach For America, has appeared on CNN and ABC News, and was named to the list of “50 Women to Watch: Those Most Shaping the Church and Culture” by Christianity Today. She lives in the Washington, DC area.


Praise for Educating All God’s Children:

“Despite a strain of anti-intellectualism among extreme Christian conservatives, Christianity has historically been at the forefront in promoting both public and private educational systems. Baker Fulgham, who leads a faith-based education reform group, makes this point as she calls on Christians . . . to once again lead the way. While contributing valuable data on the ‘achievement gap’ between low- and high-income schools, the systemic inequities that shape academic outcomes, and innovative grassroots models of church and public school partnerships, she excels at illustrating biblical principles and personal stories in a conversational tone sure to engage the reader. Her goal is clear: she’s on a mission to bring more people of faith into the fight to save the minds of America’s low-income children. Given the unpopularity of tax increases of any kind, however, it will be critical for Christians–especially the evangelicals whom Baker Fulgham particularly addresses–to use their ‘strong and powerful advocacy voice’ for policies that will close educational gaps. Baker Fulgham is well-informed and stands on a firm historical foundation.”
Publishers Weekly

Educating All God’s Children is a compelling call to a new generation of Christians to fight poverty and injustice through committing themselves to education. Nicole Baker Fulgham is a leader who gives me hope for the future of the church and for educational equality in America. Her passion and dedication to her faith and to tackling one of the greatest challenges of our time is clear on every page. Anyone looking for a practical and faithful means of changing the world should read this book at once.”
Jim Wallis, president and CEO, Sojourners; author of On God’s Side: What Religion Forgets and Politics Hasn’t Learned about Serving the Common Good

“Justice will on occasion march, on other occasions protest, and on yet other occasions sing; but justice will always speak for those that cannot speak for themselves. Educating All God’s Children stands as a justice manifesto on behalf of millions who stand crippled by the epidemic of educational disparity. Nicole Baker Fulgham understands that successful movements in America require the engagement of the followers of Jesus. Accordingly, this book serves as a clarion call for the church of Jesus Christ to rise with a prophetic and moral imperative to reform our public schools.”
—Samuel Rodriguez, president, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, Hispanic Evangelical Association

“A powerful, engaging book about one of the most urgent challenges facing our nation today. Combining moving stories with solid data, Educating All God’s Children is a ringing challenge to provide quality education for all our children. Excellent.”
—Ronald J. Sider, president, Evangelicals for Social Action

“Nicole Baker Fulgham weaves personal experience, national statistics, educational theory, biblical teaching, and practical examples into a compelling call to transform public schools from worst to first. Everyone who cares about America’s children must read this book.”
Leith Anderson, president, National Association of Evangelicals, Washington, DC


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