Lectionary Reflection for the Second Sunday of Easter

Psalms for All Seasons

This excerpt comes from Psalms for All Seasons, commenting on Psalm 118:

Psalm 118 is a psalm of thanksgiving that features two primary emphases: a grand testimony regarding the deliverance of God (vv. 5-7, 10-18, 22-23) and a strong vow to praise and confess God in worship (vv. 19-21, 24, 26-29).

An unusually complex psalm, these emphases are complemented by exhortations to worship God (vv. 1-4) and to trust God (vv. 8-9) and a short prayer for God’s continued deliverance (v. 25).

It describes the work of God in terms of deliverance (v. 14), discipline (v. 18), and enlightenment (v. 27).

The psalm offers a vivid imagery of salvation as the move from claustrophobic constraint (v. 5), made maddening by an enemy that felt like “buzzing bees” (vv. 5, 12) to a place of spaciousness (v. 5) marked by the joyful praise of God’s people (v. 15).

This psalm is quoted several times in the NT.


A prayer for reflection:

Lord Jesus Christ, you are the foundation of our life and faith.
Even when the world rejects you, we sing your praise.
Help us to love and serve others even when they reject us and you.
In your name there is healing, in your death there is life,
in your resurrection there is hope, and at your return every knee will bow.
Lord Jesus, come quickly. Amen.


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