The Weekly Hit List: June 14, 2013

Educating All God's ChildrenEducating All God’s Children by Nicole Baker Fulgham was reviewed by Stephanie Summers for the July/August 2013 issue of PRISM Magazine.

“The book is written for lay Christians unfamiliar with the scope of the achievement gap and what ordinary faithful citizens can do to close it.

“Fulgham is multifaceted in her approach to the problem, affirming that teacher quality matters while affirming a significant role for parents and the work of the church to support families.

“She is forthright that public funding for education ‘is necessary, but not sufficient, to improve educational outcomes.'”

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Other Educating All God’s Children media:

“COMMENTARY: A new evangelical engagement with public schools” in The Washington Post On Faith blog by Tom Krattenmaker

“Think God isn’t allowed in schools anymore? Think again!” in Catholic Online


Of Games and GodOf Games and God by Kevin Schut was reviewed by Yann Wong of Redeemed Gamer.

Of Games & God is extremely well researched, and Dr Schut makes some new contributions to the discussion through his expertise in media studies. The chapter on violence in particular is some of the most balanced and well-researched work I’ve read on this important issue.

“Throughout the whole book, it is evident that Dr Schut tries hard to be balanced and respectful, yet is underpinned by strong biblical convictions. In particular, his humble and non-defensive attitude when discussing these issues is worth emulating by the Christian gaming community.”

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On God’s Side media:

Radiozine on KBOO-FM, Portland

“Kingdom Gospel” by Agatha Nolen


Ebook Specials and Other Offers:

June ebook specials are currently running for multiple Brazos Press and Baker Academic titles. All of these are at least 60% off.

Reclaiming the Body by Joel Shuman and Brian Volck M.D.
From Homer to Harry Potter by Matthew Dickerson and David O’Hara
Conversations with Poppi about God by Robert W. Jenson and Solveig Lucia Gold
Understanding Paul by Stephen Westerholm
What Christians Believe about the Bible 
by Don Thorsen and Keith Reeves