Ebook special for Everyday Apocalypse by David Dark

Now through August 24, the ebook for Everyday Apocalypse: The Sacred Revealed in Radiohead, The Simpsons, and Other Pop Culture by David Dark is only $3.99—77% off! 

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“Like Karl Barth’s dictum that sermons should be written with Bible in one hand and newspaper in the other, Dark thrives in the theater seat of a Coen Brothers film with Bible scholar N. T. Wright on one side and rock star Bono on the other. Everyday Apocalypse calls us out of the classroom to a fresh way of seeing and hearing.”
Greg Taylor, Christianity Today

The term apocalypse usually evokes images of mass destruction. Our attempts to interpret the apocalyptic language and imagery of the Book of Revelation often take us far afield from our day-to-day existence.

David Dark challenges this removed definition of apocalypse, calling his readers back to the root of the word, which is “revelation.” Dark calls us to imagine apocalypse as a more “watchful way of being” in the world. Focusing on the epiphanic quality of apocalyptic insight, Dark draws on the wisdom of popular culture–including The Simpsons, Beck, and Coen brothers’ films–to expose the “moral bankruptcy of our imaginations.” Ultimately, Dark leads us toward the apocalypse as an affirming yet honest estimation of ourselves and a call to other-centeredness in the here and now.

This engaging book holds enormous appeal for readers interested in the pursuit of everyday spirituality and will delight literary and film critics, as well as anyone seriously interested in popular culture.

David Dark has published articles and reviews in Prism magazine and Books & Culture. He teaches English at Christ Presbyterian Academy in Nashville.