The Weekly Hit List: September 27, 2013

Douglas Gresham: Asbury University

Devin Brown, author of A Life Observed: A Spiritual Biography of C. S. Lewis,appeared at Asbury University with Douglas Gresham (C. S. Lewis’s closest relative and consultant for all of the Narnia films).

Gresham signed copies of A Life Observed, for which he wrote the foreword.

“In a presentation both touching and humorous, Douglas Gresham and Dr. Devin Brown introduced a crowd at Asbury University on Monday evening to aspects of famed author C.S. Lewis most had never known before. . . . 

“‘He was an outgoing, social man,’ said Gresham. ‘You could always tell where Jack was by the roaring of laughter. If you really are a scholar you don’t have to try to look like one or act like one. Jack actually looked like a father.'”

Brown and Gresham also visited Danville Christian Academy.


Quick Hits:

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A Life Observed by Devin Brown was reviewed by pastor Peter Stevens.

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Ebook Specials:

Cloister Talks: Learning from My Friends the Monks by Jon M. Sweeney is only $2.99 (over 75% off) through September 28.

Postmodernism 101: A First Course for the Curious Christian by Heath White is only $3.99 (77% off) through September 30.