Free Ebook of Conservatives, Liberals, and the Fight for America’s Future by Jim Wallis

We are pleased to announce a new ebook from Jim Wallis: Conservatives, Liberals, and the Fight for America’s Future.

A selection from his well-received On God’s Side, this new ebook short focuses on how both sides of the aisle can work together for the common good.


Until October 9, Conservatives, Liberals, and the Fight for America’s Future is FREE from the following participating retailers:

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Finding Common Ground for the Common Good

With the recent government shutdown, it is obvious that there is a war going on in our nation’s political discourse. Polarizing labels—left/right, Republican/Democrat, young/old, rich/poor, traditional/progressive—define and divide us. And in the process we’ve lost a vision for the common good.

Jim Wallis believes our life together can be better. And he thinks both conservatives and liberals have something to offer in finding answers to today’s complex problems. Personal responsibility and social responsibility are equally important: we must make good individual choices and also care for our neighbors. Wallis explores the role government can play in promoting the good of society, showing how its balanced presence can make a difference in the lives of the poor and vulnerable, and he offers hope for a more respectful conversation. He suggests making “Ten Personal Decisions for the Common Good” as you envision a more hopeful future.