The Weekly Hit List: October 18, 2013

Cover ArtNicole Baker Fulgham, author of Educating All God’s Children, wrote the article “How Can People of Faith Help Students Achieve Their Potential?” for Sojourners.

“Christians are often known for meeting local, immediate needs. Thousands of churches have programs connecting to schools – whether it’s donating backpack supplies, hosting afterschool programs or teacher appreciation dinners. We believe that work is good, but we can amplify our impact by also turning our focus to programs that increase student’s educational outcomes. High quality tutoring programs, for example, can make a huge impact on student learning. Holistic church/school partnerships with an eye to education and classroom activities can help transform a school. Churches are well positioned to lead this charge.”

Quick Hits:

At G92, M. Daniel Carroll, author of Christians at the Border, wrote about Immigration Laws in the Old Testament and Now.

Ted Schroder at Virtue Online referenced Kathryn Greene-McCreight’s book, Darkness Is My Only Companion.

Joshua Morris reviewed Miroslav Volf’s A Public Faith, for Forward-Leaning Spirit.

The CS Lewis Society of Frederick, MD reviewed Devin Brown’s A Life Observed.