Ebook Special for God Hides in Plain Sight by Dean Nelson

Now through November 10, the ebook for God Hides in Plain Sight: How to See the Sacred in a Chaotic World by Dean Nelson is only $1.99 (88% off) from the following participating retailers:


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A Crossings Book Club Selection

2010 San Diego Book Award Winner

“Dean Nelson has a lively, conversational writing style, and this book has wonderful and valuable things to say. I won’t soon forget them.”
—Frederick Buechner

Have you ever had a conversation that went far deeper than the words spoken or an experience where you felt you had participated in something sacred—that you had been part of the unbidden activity of God? Although these situations may seem rare and unexplainable, they are reminders that God’s grace surrounds us constantly and shows up in manifold ways to those who have eyes to see the sacred in everyday life. “These sacramental moments are the bursts of revelation that give spiritual order to our otherwise disordered lives,” says veteran journalist Dean Nelson. In this colorful, story-driven introduction to sacramental living, Nelson offers all Christians a way to see the presence of God amid the chaos and monotony of daily life. Each chapter emphasizes a different kind of sacramental moment, showing how it can be a lens through which we can see more of God.