The Weekly Hit List: December 20, 2013

On God’s Side by Jim Wallis was reviewed for Spirituality & Practice.

“Speaking from his role as an evangelical leader, Wallis asks Americans to move from satisfying their appetites to living their values day-by-day: ‘People were made for family, community, and human flourishing, not consumerism, materialism, addiction, and empty overwork.’

“Wallis prophetically criticizes the damaging role money is playing in politics, and he is upset about the growing inequality between the rich and the poor. He ends with praise for the old fashioned values of marriage and parenting, noting with pride his love of being a Little League coach.”

Read the rest of the review here.


Quick Hits:

Gary Colledge, author of God and Charles Dickens, was interviewed for the article “Writings of Charles Dickens were inspired by faith.”

On God’s Side by Jim Wallis was one of Revangelical Blog’s Best Books of 2013.

A Life Observed by Devin Brown was recommended by Dr. Joel Heck as the “Best Biography of Lewis.”

A Life Observed was referenced in “The C.S. Lewis Industry” by The American Spectator.

Testing Scripture by John Polkinghorne was referenced by Scot McKnight on Jesus Creed.

A Hobbit Journey by Matthew Dickerson was recommended by Shout It Ministries.

A Hobbit Journey was also recommended on Shadows of History.

The Evolution of Adam by Peter Enns was recommended on Catholic Cravings.