Ebook Special for Glittering Vices by Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung

Now through February 20, the ebook of Glittering Vices: A New Look at the Seven Deadly Sins and Their Remedies by Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung is only $2.99 (83% off) from the following participating retailers:


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Winner of a C. S. Lewis Book Prize

“A serious, scripturally based revisitation of the perils conservative Christians face from the traditional deadly sins. . . . Suitable for many [collections].”
Library Journal

“Christian readers and readers of other deistic faiths will benefit from the reminder that a divinity is offended by those who act in loveless and other destructive ways; agnostic and atheist readers will be edified by this exhaustive compendium of the ways in which ‘vice’ is glorified and even celebrated in media, literature, and contemporary life.”

Glittering Vices is a felicitous blend of the scholarly and the hortatory. DeYoung is too sophisticated–and too much of a Thomist–to reduce sin to sociology or therapy. . . . This book is full of subtlety. DeYoung is very good at explaining why ‘deadly’ sins are not always the sins that threaten violence and danger.”

“Moral formation” and “character development” are popular buzzwords, but they are ineffective concepts without an understanding of what good character is and how to cultivate it. The traditional teachings on the “seven deadly sins,” or capital vices, compiled by saints such as Augustine, Pope Gregory I, and Aquinas, offer a strong foundation for recognizing virtues to cultivate and vices to avoid.

Unfortunately, contemporary culture trivializes, psychologizes, or even dismisses the seven vices as if they have no serious moral or spiritual implications. Glittering Vices clears that misconception with a brief history of the vices and an informative chapter on each “deadly sin.” Readers gain practical understanding of how the vices shape our culture and why gluttony, lust, sloth, and others are, in fact, incredibly destructive. Through this eye-opening book, readers will be able to correctly identify and eliminate the deeply rooted patterns of sin that are work in their lives.

Winsome and wise, Glittering Vices is intriguing for any reader interested in spiritual disciplines and character formation. Its rich content makes it useful in undergraduate and seminary ethics courses as well.