Lectionary Reflection for the Second Sunday in Lent

This excerpt comes from Psalms for All Seasons, commenting on Psalm 121:

Psalm 121, the second of the Psalms of Ascents, is a declaration of trust.

The opening imagery can be interpreted in two ways: either that the mountains represent God, who made them, or that they represent an alternative source of hope.

The psalmist’s question of v. 1 is answered in v. 2—our help comes from God.

Like Ps. 91, it offers a strong testimony to the care and protection offered by God, a sentiment echoed in Romans 8 (“nothing shall separate us from the love of God”).


Prayer for reflection:

Maker of heaven and earth,
we trust you to keep us in your care.
Guard us from evil, protect us from harm.
Help us to know you, and knowing you to follow you,
so that all our comings and goings may conform to your purpose for our lives,
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


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