Lectionary Reflection for the Third Sunday in Lent

This excerpt comes from Psalms for All Seasons, commenting on Psalm 95:

Psalm 95, a psalm of praise in three parts, calls worshipers to three essential actions: exuberant praise (vv. 1-5); humble submissions, pictured graphically as an act of prostitution (vv. 6-7a); and attentive listening (vv. 7b-11).

Like Pss. 50, 81, 132, 134, and several others, this psalm assumes that faithful covenant worship includes both praise directed toward God and faithful listening to the word that comes from God.


Prayer for reflection:

Holy God—Father, Son, and Spirit,
it is too easy for your people to talk about you without worshiping you,
to worship you without obeying you, and to obey you without joy.
Infuse us with such passion for you that our words become worship,
our desires become obedience,
and our lives reveal the joy that can be found only in you. Amen.


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