Nicole Baker Fulgham Named One of “14 Faith Leaders to Watch in 2014” by the Center for American Progress

Nicole Baker Fulgham, author of Educating All God’s Children, was named one of “14 Faith Leaders to Watch in 2014” by the Center for American Progress.

Nicole Baker Fulgham is the author of Educating All God’s Children: What Christians Can – and Should – Do to Improve Public Education for Low-Income Kids and president of The Expectations ProjectFulgham is helping craft the religious case for improving the quality of America’s public schools. She holds a doctorate in urban education policy and teacher preparation and was formerly the vice president of Teach for America. Fulgham left the organization to use her background in education to spark a school-focused movement among the faith communities in which she was raised. The result was The Expectations Project, an organization dedicated to mobilizing people of faith to support public education reform and close the academic achievement gap. Fulgham is a popular speaker at evangelical colleges and educational conferences across the country, amplifying her message about the need for faith groups—especially evangelicals—to become more involved in helping children from all backgrounds receive high-quality public education instead of fighting tired cultural battles over what is taught. Debates over the Common Core State Standards and how to implement and fund public preschool programs are set to rage across the country in the coming months, positioning Fulgham as a much-needed religious advocate for America’s students.”