The Weekly Hit List: March 14, 2014

Can We Still Believe the Bible? by Craig Blomberg was reviewed by Christianity Today.

“Over decades toiling away in the weeds of biblical scholarship, Denver Seminary’s Blomberg has seen fashionable theories and methodologies come and go. None of them has dented his confidence that Scripture is the revealed Word of God. In fact, that confidence has been fortified.”

Read the rest of the review here.


Margaret Feinberg published the first of several weekly interviews with Craig Blomberg. She also recommended Can We Still Believe the Bible? as one of her “Best resources for this week’s reading.”

Can We Still Believe the Bible? was reviewed and recommended by Dr. David B. Capes.


Quick Hits:

Daniel Taylor, author of Creating a Spiritual Legacy, appear on My Faith Radio program Connecting Faith.

Glittering Vices by Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung was reviewed by John Frye on Jesus Creed: part 1 and part 2.

A Public Faith by Miroslav Volf was reviewed by Ethos.

Learning for the Love of God by Donald Opitz and Derek Melleby was reviewed by Dr. Conrade Yap.