Ebook Special for Finding Your Plot in a Plotless World by Daniel de Roulet

Now through July 31, the ebook for Finding Your Plot in a Plotless World: A Little Direction by Daniel de Roulet is on sale for $3.99 (50% off) from the following participating retailers:


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“Instead of offering consolation for those with doubt, de Roulet alters the landscape by offering consolation to those who struggle with plotlessness or perhaps even meaninglessness. . . . [He has] a gifted pen dipped in the inkwell of graceful prose; [he is] pastoral enough that [he doesn’t] scandalize. Instead, [he] offer[s] not some simple answer but the genuine Christian solidity called hope. The hope that sustains a struggle of faith. . . . To lead us into his journey, de Roulet explores the theme of struggling to find a plot within plotlessness by dipping in and out of both biblical plots (Jacob is a favorite of mine in this book) and literary plots. . . . I’d love to see some folks read this and blog about it. It surely deserves it. Maybe my top pick for book of the year on this blog.”
Scot McKnight, jesuscreed.org

“[The author] presents many solid propositions as well as wearied insights from his journey of discovering his son’s autism. . . . The authenticity of his journey and suggestions will undoubtedly resonate with postmoderns.”
YouthWorker Journal

The world fell apart for author Daniel de Roulet the moment his son was diagnosed with autism. In Finding Your Plot in a Plotless World, de Roulet takes a closer look at those devastating moments in everyone’s lives and the journey that follows. What do we do when our sense of God’s plan for our lives crumbles around us? How do we find our plots in a seemingly plotless world?

For answers, de Roulet looks to stories—those of our own culture and the Bible. Along the way, de Roulet encourages readers to be authentic as they tell their own stories and leaves them with hope that God reveals himself through our messy lives.