Ebook Special for Christianity and the Postmodern Turn by Myron B. Penner

Now through January 5, the ebook of Christianity and the Postmodern Turn: Six Views by Myron B. Penner (editor) is only $2.99 (89% off) from the following participating retailers:


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“Penner has assembled half a dozen fine scholars to explain and debate the issues that affect mainstream Christian thought in the wake of the postmodern turn. . . . An important contribution to Christian theology as a whole.”
—Fergus Kerr, OP, University of Edinburgh

“The value of this volume is that it demonstrates what is at stake in th[e] debate over Christianity and postmodernism.”
Christian Scholar’s Review

In our post-Cold War, post-colonial, post-Christian world, Western culture is experiencing a dramatic shift. Correspondingly, says Myron Penner, recent philosophy has taken a postmodern turn in which traditional concepts of reality, truth, language, and knowledge have been radically altered, if not discarded all together. This presents the Christian intellectual community with a unique set of challenges for articulating the gospel and fashioning a Christian worldview.

In Christianity and the Postmodern Turn, six contributors–including James K.A. Smith, John Franke, Merold Westphal, and Kevin Vanhoozer–respond to the question, “What perils and/or promises does the postmodern turn hold for the tasks of Christian thinkers?” Addressing topics such as the nature of rationality and biblical faith, the relationship of language to reality and truth, ethics, and apologetics/theological method, the book presents a variety of positions in dialogue with each other. It will be of interest to contemporary theology and philosophy students.

Myron Bradley Penner (PhD, University of Edinburgh) is pastor of Trinity International Church in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. He previously taught at Prairie College and Graduate School and served as a human development worker. He is the editor of Christianity and the Postmodern Turn and coauthor of A New Kind of Conversation.