The Weekly Hit List: January 16, 2015

Leadership Journal chose Kingdom Conspiracy by Scot McKnight as one of 2014’s best books for church leaders in “The Leader’s Outer Life” category.

“The implications of Kingdom Conspiracy will move you to practice what it teaches,” said Derwin Gray, the founding and lead pastor of Transformation Church in South Carolina.

“This is essential reading for the church in a post-Christian America.”

Find the entire list of award-winning books here.




Rejoicing in Lament by J. Todd Billings (February 2015) was chosen as a “New & Noteworthy Book” by The Aquila Report.

“Todd Billings is a young theologian who has written a number of very important books in recent years. At the age of 39, however, Billings was diagnosed with a rare form of incurable cancer. With the kind of rich theological exposition that’s become his trademark, Billings puts his theology to work, asking the tough questions in the face of deep physical and spiritual trials. Avoiding the thin and saccharine theology that comes all too easily from evangelicals in times of difficulty, Billings gives us a heartfelt reflection that takes the depths of suffering seriously, but even more so, Rejoicing in Lament looks to the expansive comfort and peace that can only be found in the presence of the Suffering Saviour.”


Quick Hits:

Can We Still Believe the Bible? by Craig Blomberg was chosen as “Best ‘Missions & Church Life’ Book” by Fundamentally Reformed.

Kingdom Conspiracy by Scot McKnight was cited by Dr. Conrade Yap on Lord’s Peace Chapel blog.