The Weekly Hit List: February 13, 2015

J. Todd Billings, author of Rejoicing in Lament, wrote “Avoiding the Dead Ends of Providence: Monocausal Fatalism and Open Theism” for Reformation 21.

“It is not easy to leave suffering as an open question, particularly in the midst of crisis. At times, I’ve sensed that there must be a reason that this cancer has hit me.

“Perhaps God couldn’t do anything about it? Perhaps God is ‘relational’ in such a way that some things are truly ‘pointless’ even to God? There might be some reassurance in affirming such an ‘answer.’ Yet, this is not an answer that would keep cultivating Christian lament with the Psalmist. The Psalmists keep asking, questioning, and petitioning because they believe God is the almighty Lord.”

Read the entire article here.


Other Rejoicing in Lament Media:

Publishers Weekly named Rejoicing in Lament a “Spirituality & Religion Book of Note.”

Billings will appear for a book signing and interview with Neal Plantinga in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at the Baker Book House on Thursday, February 19.

Billings appeared on The Janet Mefferd Show.


Quick Hits:

Spiritual Friendship by Wesley Hill (April 2015) and Divine Sex by Jonathan Grant (July 2015) were mentioned in Publishers Weekly article “Sex and Religion: A Crop of Books Addresses a Fraught Relationship.”

Spirituality and the Awakening Self by David G. Benner was called a “treasure trove” by Lacy Clark Ellman.

Ben Witherington wrote a series of posts on Scot McKnight’s Kingdom Conspiracy, including a lengthy interview with McKnight. Parts: 1; 2; 3; 4; 5.