Lectionary Reflection for the Fifth Sunday of Easter

This excerpt comes from Psalms for All Seasons, commenting on Psalm 22:

Psalm 22 is a poignant individual lament and cry for help (vv.1-21), which, after a dramatic pivot, concludes with hymn of praise (vv.22-31).

This hymn is a beautiful psalm in itself, paying special attention to God’s provision for the weak and needy (vv. 24, 26) and speaking of the praise of God that future generations will offer (v. 31).

Psalms 22 and 23, when taken together, form a beautiful triptych that moves from restless lament through restorative praise to calm trust.

Christians frequently approach Ps. 22 Christologically, especially because two of its verses are quoted in the gospel narrative of Jesus’ suffering and death (vv. 1,18).


Prayer for reflection:
Merciful God, some of your children are joyfully singing your praise.
Others are languishing in despair.
Through Jesus you are acquainted with our grief
and in him we have resurrection hope.
Bind up those who are broken, bless those who are dying, shield those who are joyous,
and lead us all to your house, where we may feast together at your table. Amen.


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