The Weekly Hit List: December 11, 2015

Cover ArtMatthew Skinner’s Intrusive God, Disruptive Gospel was reviewed by Steve Walton for Themelios.

This book will be eminently helpful to a church Bible study group working through Acts. It will also inform and help preachers or teachers engaging with Acts, and students who want to see ways in which the book’s themes and issues relate to Christian life and experience today. I commend it very warmly.

J. Todd Billings wrote the post Gratitude for God’s Surprising Work, which reflects on the stories people have shared with him after reading Rejoicing in Lament. Also, Sean Lucas at Reformation 21 named Rejoicing in Lament as one of his Top Ten Books of 2015.

A powerful book. Billings explores his own battle with incurable cancer in the larger narrative of the psalms of lament and union with Christ. As a pastor who has several parishioners dealing with cancer at any given time, this was a rich theological resource and personal reflection.