This Just In: To the Table

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With the growing farm-to-table movement and increasing popularity of local farmers’ markets, we are becoming more conscious of where our food originates. In this spirituality of eating and food, Lisa Graham McMinn encourages readers to reflect on the realities of food today and understand how eating forms their souls inwardly, upwardly, and outwardly.

McMinn celebrates the goodness of food in God’s creation, offering practical guidance on what it means to eat alone or in community with more intention, compassion, humility, and gratitude. She also tells the story of food that occurs every year as it transitions from seed to table.

To the Table features sidebars containing gardening and food tips, recipes, and food preservation guides. End-of-chapter questions for individual and group use are included.


Lisa Graham McMinn

Lisa Graham McMinn (PhD, Portland State University) is co-owner of Fern Creek, a thirty-family CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm outside of Newberg, Oregon. She is writer in residence at George Fox University, where she previously taught sociology, and is the author of several books, including Growing Strong Daughters and Walking Gently on the Earth.


Praise for To the Table:

“A warm and wise invitation to practice eating as a spiritual discipline—not as an act of self-improvement but as a way of living out and delighting in the generous, abundant, just, sweet, and savory love of God.”—Rachel Marie Stone, author of Eat with Joy

“With inspiring and illuminating stories and astute cultural analysis, McMinn shows us how the whole of eating can be a sacramental act that brings healing to our hungry and hurting world. This beautifully written book is ideal for group study, and its recipes and cooking advice will encourage people to gather in kitchens and around tables to share in the grace of God.”—Norman Wirzba, author of Food and Faith

To the Table is about dining devotionally, which feeds both body and soul. A deeply nourishing read.”—Joel Salatin, Polyface Farm

“If this book were a table, it would bow under the weight of its abundance. Filled with research, recipes, how-to tips, and personal narrative, To the Table will encourage faithful readers to head straight for their own gardens, farmers markets, pantries, and tables as they learn to eat more intentionally, more prayerfully, and with stronger community ties.”—Jenell Paris, Messiah College

“McMinn artfully weaves stories, Scripture, science, and recipes together in this holistic and practical exploration of what it can look like to eat well today….A warm and compelling invitation to a more compassionate, nourishing, and faithful way of living.”—Ben Lowe, Evangelical Environmental Network

“McMinn brings together a delightful collection of stories, recipes, and philosophy about gardening, cooking, and everything in between. This whimsical little book provides a feast in many forms. It is a must-read for every gardener, cook, and person concerned about where our food comes from and how we gather to eat it.”—Christine Sine, Mustard Seed Associates

“From its researched critique of the modern food industry to the way it describes our everyday practices and relationship with food as a spiritual experience, To the Table helps us regain the knowledge and intimacy necessary to eat well, to eat right, and to eat in communion with creation and each other.”—Randy Woodley author of Shalom and the Community of Creation

“A delightfully earthy book that combines keen theological reflection about food and community with personal stories and recipes. To The Table emphasizes the central role food plays in our lives, and challenges us to be more attentive to how we eat.” – Relevant Magazine

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