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Kristen Deede Johnson discusses the passion for justice she sees in her students, and asks what it might look like for them to still be that passionate when they are 40 with a mortgage.

Bethany Hanke Hoang wrote “one key to walking through suffering” for Ann Voskamp’s blog, A Holy Experience.

“Lament is a gift.

In the midst of everything going wrong around us – whether in the world at large or in the lives of people whose names and faces we know and hold dear – lament is a gift given to help us hold fast to God.

God invites lament because He knows our temptation to turn away rather than toward Him in the heat of hardship.

The more we probe Scripture to see how prophets and leaders and ordinary people lamented their circumstances, the more it becomes clear that God invites our questions and pleadings rather than our despair and silence.”

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Kristen Deede Johnson and Bethany Hanke Hoang wrote “Live As Saints (Not Heroes)” for Perspectives Journal.

Lived Theology featured The Justice Calling on its reading list, and will host a book launch on Thursday, March 17.

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