The Latest on You Are What You Love

Cover ArtYou Are What You Love released last week, and the reviews are already starting to come in. Check out some of the latest below.

“If you’ve already engaged Smith’s work as I have, I think you’ll find plenty that’s worth your time. If you’ve never read Smith’s work, this is probably the best place to start.”

“I will be recommending You Are What You Love widely and often.”

“What we love matters, and the habits we develop may yield more insight into what/who we’re loving than any amount of information and words might.”

“The part of the book I appreciate the most, Smith has an uncanny ability to culturally critique things that we have grown blind to.”

“I cannot recommend this book highly enough.”

“This important book challenges us to take a hard look at who and what and how we love.”

“The reading is very enjoyable and there are plenty of fascinating ideas to contemplate. If you are a note taker, keep a pen and highlighter handy.”

“I have looked forward to this book, more than any other, for many months.”

“Absolutely the most brilliant book I have read in years and years and I cannot recommend it highly enough.”