The Brazos Blog was designed to connect our authors to readers. It is essentially a continuation of the discussion that originates with each Brazos Press book. This blog is another opportunity for our authors and editors to enter into dialogue about the ideas and themes expressed in their publications. Here you will find book excerpts, all new content from our authors, videos and other supplemental media, author interviews, and other valuable resources. We encourage comments and feedback from our readers and hope to provide a comfortable place to pursue thoughtful discussion of how the historic Christian tradition interacts with everyday life.

Brazos Press fosters the renewal of classical, orthodox Christianity by publishing thoughtful, theologically grounded books on subjects of importance to the church and the world. We serve authors and readers from all major streams of the historic Christian tradition, recognizing that the renewal of Christian orthodoxy transcends many traditional boundary lines and polarities.

According to legend, Spanish explorers christened a prominent southwestern river los brazos de Dios (“the arms of God”) upon seeing how its winding waters sustained fertile soil in an otherwise arid land. This life-giving channel signified the wide open, inviting embrace of God. Brazos Press seeks to be faithful to this same wide and deep embrace, publishing excellent and accessible works by leading thinkers on topics such as spirituality, the arts, the economy, popular culture, ethics, theology, biblical studies, and the social sciences. Our readers include clergy, educated laypersons, and students seeking clear, stimulating commentary on how the riches of the Christian tradition can be brought to bear on the struggles and hopes of the present day.