The Weekly Hit List: March 18, 2016

Miroslav Volf, author of A Public Faith and the forthcoming Public Faith in Action, joined David Brooks for a conversation about human flourishing.

Brazos Press is pleased to announce we are working with Karen Swallow Prior on a forthcoming book. Releasing in early 2018, Prior’s book will model the exercise of virtue through the reading of classic works of literature, works that navigate the universal themes that inform and shape human life in all its moments, both bright and dark.

Quick Hits:

At, David Roark’s discussion of Terrence Malick drew on James K.A. Smith’s concept of “cultural liturgies” in books like You Are What You Love.

Bryan at The Happy Alternative reviewed Wesley Hill’s Spiritual Friendship.

Moroslav Volf’s A Public Faith was reviewed at BLOGEGESIS.

Jim Wallis, author of America’s Original Sin, was part of the conversation What’s Happening to “Value Voters?” at To The Point on KCRW.

The Weekly Hit List: June 19, 2015

Cover ArtJ. Todd Billings, author of Rejoicing in Lament, was interviewed by Anna at An Inch of Gray.

My book is called Rejoicing in Lament with a double-sense: taking joy in rediscovering the healing balm of biblical lament, and also rejoicing in the midst of lament. I’ve not only shed tears of grief, but tears of joy in my cancer journey. Ultimately, this is a book that shows how lament can go hand in hand with gratitude and hope.

At Jesus Creed, McKnight finished his series on Wesley Hill’s Spiritual Friendship.

Love is a genuine and rugged commitment to another person, first, to be with that person, and second, to be for that person, and third, in that context those who genuinely love journey into Christlikeness. I don’t think that can happen without friendships being formed.

Quick Hits:

Scot McKnight’s Kingdom Conspiracy was reviewed by T. D. Hurst at Where the Wild Things Are.

Stratford Caldecott‘s Beauty for Truth’s Sake was reviewed by Roy Peachey at Humanum.

At School of Religion, Vincent Williams reviewed A Public Faith by Miroslav Volf.

The Weekly Hit List: February 27, 2015

RELEVANT Magazine published “Are We Missing Something Important About Prayer?” by Todd Billings, author of Rejoicing in Lament.

“‘For my days pass away like smoke, and my bones burn like a furnace’ (Psalm 102:3).

“When my lips cried these words in a public prayer service, it felt like I was exposing a wound. I had just been diagnosed with a lethal, incurable cancer. My expected lifespan had been chopped by decades. The cancer had already burned through the inside of my bones—like a furnace.

“Lament is bringing our grief and our protest before the Almighty when life doesn’t make sense.

“Praying this Psalm of lament felt a bit like speaking a foreign language. As a young Christian, I had been taught that prayer consisted of ACTS: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication. I found that structure helpful, and I still do. But there’s something missing: lament. Lament is not confession, and it can’t be reduced to bringing our petitions and supplications before God. Lament is bringing our grief and our protest before the Almighty when life doesn’t make sense.”

Read the entire article here.


Other Rejoicing in Lament Media:

Today marks the end of a two-week blog tour for Rejoicing in Lament by J. Todd Billings. A complete list of posts, and the giveaway winners announcement, are on the blog tour web site.

Rejoicing in Lament was quoted on the Ravi Zacharias International Ministries blog: “Remedy for Control.”

Dillon Thorton recommended Rejoicing in Lament.

Jordan Mark Stone recommended Rejoicing in Lament


Kingdom Conspiracy Media:

Scot McKnight spoke with a panel at Westminster Theological Centre about Kingdom Conspiracy.

Jon Beadle recommended Kingdom Conspiracy.

Scott Lencke reviewed Kingdom Conspiracy.

Scot McKnight wrote “A Robust Kingdom” on Jesus Creed.


Quick Hits:

Craig Detweiler, author of iGods, was interviewed by Warren Cole Smith for WORLD Magazine.

Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory by Jerry L. Walls was reviewed on The Christian Humanist blog.

Miroslav Volf, author of A Public Faith, was quoted in USA Today.

Wendy VanderWal-Gritter, author of Generous Spaciousness, was interviewed on WikiGod Podcast.

Nicole Baker Fulgham, author of Educating All God’s Children, is speaking at Inhabit: Faithful Practice in the New Commons at the Seattle School of Theology & Psychology.

The Weekly Hit List: January 23, 2015

Rejoicing in Lament by J. Todd Billings received a starred review from Publishers Weekly.

“An exploration of complex, age-old questions about suffering and God’s nature leads Billings to extol the beauty of mystery and the limits of human wisdom: ‘humans don’t have an answer to the problem of evil, and we shouldn’t claim that we have one.’

“Along with disclosing his wrenching questions, fears, and hopes, Billings explores ‘the ways in which God’s story intersects with the cancer story.’

“His poignant insight into the role of lament in faithful Christian living makes this a work of both astute scholarship and powerful testimony.”

Read the entire review here.


Quick Hits:

The Justice Calling by Bethany Hanke Hoang and Kristen Deede Johnson (July 2015) was recommended by Relevant Magazine as one of “12 Books We’re Excited About This Year.”

Dangerous Passions, Deadly Sins by Dennis Okholm was reviewed by Denver Journal.

Kingdom Conspiracy by Scot McKnight was reviewed by Chris Hennessey and by Johnny Walker.

Scot McKnight was appointed by Bishop Todd Hunter as a Canon Theologian for the Diocese of Churches for the Sake of Others.

Craig Detweiler, author of iGods, spoke at Calvin College’s January Series on “Apple, Google, and other ‘iGods’.”

Generous Spaciousness by Wendy VanderWal-Gritter was recommended on Hearts & Minds Books and reviewed on Anabaptist Redux.

A Beautiful Disaster by Marlena Graves was recommended on Hearts & Minds Books.

Presence and Encounter by David G. Benner was recommended by Eddie Olliffe.

A Public Faith by Miroslav Volf was reviewed on The Christian Mind.

The Weekly Hit List: June 6, 2014

We’re in the middle of the blog tour for A Beautiful Disaster by Marlena Graves.

The following bloggers participated this week:

Caryn Rivadeneira shared an excerpt.

Ellen Painter Dollar interviewed Marlena.

Jen Pollock Michel reviewed the book.

Joel Willitts reviewed the book.

Megan Hill reviewed the book.

Micha Boyett shared an excerpt and is giving away three copies of Marlena’s book.

Michelle Van Loon interviewed Marlena.

Sharon Hodde Miller shared an excerpt and is giving away two copies of Marlena’s book.

Don’t miss our five-book giveaway grand prize on the blog tour web site!


Quick Hits:

Wendy VanderWal-Gritter, author of Generous Spaciousness, wrote “I Beg to Differ: With the Right and the Left” on the New Direction Ministries of Canada blog.

Can We Still Believe the Bible? by Craig Blomberg was reviewed by John Shaffet on Modern-day Pilgrim.

Jim Wallis, author of The (Un)Common Good, wrote “Moment of Truth on Immigration Reform Is Now” for National Journal.

Good News for Anxious Christians by Phillip Cary was reviewed on Books at a Glance.

Learning for the Love of God by Donald Opitz and Derek Melleby was reviewed on Conversation in Faith.

Crosslight wrote on Miroslav Volf, author of A Public Faith.

Miroslav Volf was interviewed for Engage.Mail.

The Liberating Image by J. Richard Middleton was discussed by Scot McKnight on Jesus Creed.


Ebook Specials:

Testing Scripture: A Scientist Explores the Bible by John Polkinghorne is only $2.99 (83% off) through June 10.

The Weekly Hit List: May 30, 2014

A Beautiful Disaster by Marlena Graves (June 2014) was reviewed in the June 14, 2014, issue of CBA Retailers + Resources.

A Beautiful Disaster examines the many and varied “disasters” that Graves endured from childhood to adulthood. She transparently shares numerous life-altering events that compelled her to seek Jesus more intimately.

“Because life is fraught with difficulty and pain, Christians must make peace with that truth and build their faith upon the foundation of God’s love and His Word. Graves tenderly opens the deepest of her own heart’s wounds while demonstrating that God is always present in our pain, always attending to us in our troubles, and always at the ready to provide us the strength and grace to endure.”

The text of the full review is available to subscribers of CBA Retailers + Resources.


Quick Hits:

The May issue of Border Crossings is now available.

Generous Spaciousness by Wendy VanderWal-Gritter was mentioned by Publishers Weekly.

Generous Spaciousness was reviewed on A Queer Calling.

Generous Spaciousness was also recommended by the CRC’s YALT and Norville Rogers.

The Evolution of Adam by Peter Enns was recommended by Rachel Held Evans.

Miroslav Volf, author of A Public Faith, delivered four lectures at the Re:Thinking a Public Faith conference in Sydney. The lectures are available via the Centre for Public Christianity.

The Liberating Image by J. Richard Middleton was discussed by Scot McKnight on Jesus Creed.

The Weekly Hit List: May 16, 2014

Wendy VanderWal-Gritter, author of Generous Spaciousness, wrote
“Gay Christians Go to Your Church. How Should the Church Engage Them?” for OnFaith.

“‘Gay Christian’ is not an oxymoron. Many gay women and men hold on to a resilient faith despite hostile religious environments and culture war complexities. It isn’t easy to be a Christian in the gay community; it isn’t easy to be gay in the Christian community.

“Among gay Christians there can be a fair bit of diversity. Some experience God’s grace in a mixed-orientation marriage (that is, they are married to an opposite gender spouse, despite being same-sex oriented). Others have committed to a celibate life. Many are searching and struggling and unsure of what to believe about the potential of a committed same-sex relationship. Yet others have promised to be faithful to one life-partner in whatever civil capacity is available to them.

“Regardless of how they are navigating their life of discipleship, these men and women and fellow-followers of Jesus need the fellowship of a hospitable church community as much as any other Christians do.”

Read the rest of the article here.


Quick Hits:

Miroslav Volf, author of A Public Faith, was interviewed by the Centre for Public Christianity.

Can We Still Believe the Bible? by Craig Blomberg was recommended by Dr. Jimmy Latimer.

Learning for the Love of God by Donald Opitz and Derek Melleby was recommended by Hearts & Minds Books.

The Weekly Hit List: May 9, 2014

iGods by Craig Detweiler was reviewed in Journal of Religion, Media & Digital Culture.

“An email message alert chimes, and you instinctively react. As you click to reply, your phone’s beep alerts you that a text message has arrived. Picking up your phone, a Twitter mention flashes. Who is in charge here?

“A Californian who has only ever owned Apple computers, Detweiler sings the glories of modern technologies, marveling in their design and enjoying the affordances they provide.

“Detweiler strives always to complicate his praise, examining the diverse effects of technologies on our lives in ways both spiritual and practical.”

Read the rest of the review here.


Craig Detweiler was interviewed by InTouch Magazine.

“iGods are the technological leaders we have set up as our cultural ideals because of their creativity, brilliance, and profitability. And it is also that tendency within ourselves, aided by technology, to build a digital cocoon of our own making.”


Quick Hits:

Kevin Schut, author of Of Games and God, wrote “Death and deletion in Continue?9876543210” for Think Christian.

A Public Faith by Miroslav Volf was quoted on the Summit Church blog.

iGods by Craig Detweiler was quoted on the LCS Middle School blog.


Ebook Specials:

The Evolution of Adam: What the Bible Does and Doesn’t Say about Human Origins by Peter Enns is only $2.99 (83% off) through May 15.

The Weekly Hit List: May 2, 2014

Of Games and God by Kevin Schut was chosen as a finalist in the Culture category of The Word Guild’s 2014 Word Awards.

Five other Baker Publishing Group titles were selected as finalists in several categories.

The Word Awards (previously the Canadian Christian Writing Awards) has awarded prizes to Christian Canadian Writers for more than twenty-five years and are designed to raise the writer’s profile and acknowledge works of excellence in twenty-eight categories.

The award presentation will take place at the World Vision headquarters in Ontario on June 11 at 7:30 PM.

For a complete list of finalists, click here.



Quick Hits:

Jim Wallis, author of On God’s Side, appeared this morning on Morning Joe.

The April 2014 issue of Border Crossings is now available.

Publishers Weekly interviewed Miroslav Volf, author of A Public Faith.

Nicole Baker Fulgham, author of Educating All God’s Children, received the City Funds Entrepreneur to Watch Award.

Nicole Baker Fulgham spoke at Q Nashville.

Educating All God’s Children was referenced by Megan Westra on Natasha Robinson’s blog.

The Weekly Hit List: April 25, 2014

Can We Still Believe the Bible? by Craig Blomberg was reviewed by Living with Faith.

“The author, who is Distinguished Professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary, has written a book aimed not so much to refute sceptics as to guide believers into a balanced understanding and viewpoint of what the questions are and how we can best approach them.

Blomberg makes the point that we find two extremes – ranging from that of religious hardliners demanding unwavering concurrence at one end of the spectrum to unbelieving individuals who try to destroy the faith of believers at the other – and that both extremes are wrong.  Rather, the author shows, we can find a balance in which questions are not only fairly evaluated, but also settled in faith.”

Read the rest of the review here.


Quick Hits:

iGods by Craig Detweiler was reviewed by C.J. Stunkard.

Cross-Shattered Christ by Stanley Hauerwas was mentioned by Peter Ochs on Religion and Ethics.

QIdeas shared “Whatever Happened to the Common Good?” by Jim Wallis, author of On God’s Side.

Big Ideas (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) shared Miroslav Volf’s address for the Centre for Public Christianity at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music on “A Public Faith – Serving the Common Good.”

Marlena Graves, author of the forthcoming book A Beautiful Disaster, wrote “Hanging On The Cross Alongside Jesus” for Missio Alliance.