The Weekly Hit List: October 3, 2014

Kingdom Conspiracy by Scot McKnight was reviewed by Michael Bird on Euangelion.

“In a nutshell, McKnight argues that there are two predominant views of ‘kingdom’ operating in and around evangelicalism. First, the skinny jeans view, which equates kingdom with social justice. Second, the pleated pants view, where kingdom equates to God’s redemptive work.

“McKnight wants to affirm the good of social justice work and the necessity of proclaiming salvation to the lost, but he wants to bring kingdom in closer proximity to church. . . . 

“This is a tremendously useful book. He forces people to think and re-think what kingdom is how it applies to the local church. It also dispels the view that non-Christians do ‘kingdom work’ by their philanthropic works.”

Read the entire review here.


Quick Hits:

Chapters 1 and 2 of Kingdom Conspiracy by Scot McKnight were reviewed by Josh Graves.

A Beautiful Disaster by Marlena Graves was quoted as a daily meditation on Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral‘s blog.

Presence and Encounter by David G. Benner was recommended by Best Books First.


Ebook Specials:

Eyes Wide Open: Looking for God in Popular Culture, Revised and Expanded Edition by William D. Romanowski is only $2.99 (87% off) from participating retailers through October 9.

Ebook Special for Eyes Wide Open by William D. Romanowski

Now through October 9, the ebook of Eyes Wide Open: Looking for God in Popular Culture, Revised and Expanded Edition by William D. Romanowski is only $2.99 (87% off) from the following participating retailers:


Barnes & Noble



“This revised and expanded edition of Eyes Wide Open, already a standard on the topic, widens and deepens the discourse on the popular entertainment arts. . . . A manifesto of Christian involvement and a matrix assessment of the sights and sounds that inescapably shape our everyday life.”
—Scott Young, founder, City of Angels Film Festival

William Romanowski’s Eyes Wide Open has been one of the most-used Christian college textbooks on popular culture. This revised and expanded second edition is now even more useful for students. It has been expanded to delve more deeply into how Christians can most profitably and critically hear, read, and view popular culture; it more clearly explains how popular culture is art; and it furthers the discussion on media sex and violence. All of the chapters have been updated with fresh examples from the world of film and popular music. Other helpful additions include documenting endnotes, a bibliography, an index, study questions, and end-of-chapter summaries.

Grounded in Christian principles, this accessible and engaging book offers an informed and fascinating approach to popular culture. Romanowski provides affectionate yet astute analysis of familiar, well-loved movies and television characters from Indiana Jones to Homer Simpson, and he speaks with historical depth and expertise on films from Casablanca to Crash and music from Bruce Springsteen to U2.

Romanowski’s confessional approach affirms a role for popular culture in faithful living. Practical, analytical approaches to content, meaning, and artistic style offer the tools to participate responsibly and imaginatively in popular cultural activities. An engaging read, this new edition introduces students and thoughtful readers to popular culture–one of the most influential forces in contemporary society.

William D. Romanowski (PhD, Bowling Green State University) is professor of communication arts and sciences at Calvin College and is a widely respected speaker on subjects dealing with American culture and the entertainment industry. He is the author of Reforming Hollywood and Pop Culture Wars: Religion and the Role of Entertainment in American Life, and coauthor of Risky Business: Rock in Film.

The Weekly Hit List: May 31, 2013

On Gods SideJim Wallis, author of On God’s Side, was interviewed by Sarah van Gelder for YES! Magazine.

van Gelder: If you could suggest one thing to a YES! reader that they could do to reach out to people who are ideologically very different than they are, what would you say?

Wallis: The first thing I would say to a YES! reader is, religion has no monopoly on morality. We need all of us in this conversation. I want to speak to the genuine fears that secular activists may have of religious communities, because there have been people wanting to impose their religious agenda on the country using political power.

I fought my whole life against religious fundamentalists, but there also are secular fundamentalists who don’t want people of faith around, and who can be as narrow as the religious fundamentalists.

“So let’s talk about a common ground for the common good, including people of faith, people who are spiritual but not religious, or secular but with moral sensibilities. I want to get over our fear of each other and embrace each other’s best moral values and find where we can work together.”

Read the rest of the “Meet the Refreshing Evangelical Who’s Leading a Revival—of ‘the Common Good’” here.


More On God’s Side media:

“Jim Wallis, Frank Wolf Discuss How Politics Can Serve the Common Good” in The Christian Post

“The Common Good, The Planet, and Humankind” by Joanne Boyer for Wisdom Voices

“Common Ground for the Common Good” by Gary Manning

“Helping the Poor in the Concrete” by  Faith McDonnell for Juicy Ecumenism


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– A Hobbit Journey by Matthew Dickerson

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Quick Hits:

Don’t miss Nicole Baker Fulgham, author of Educating All God’s Children, this Sunday, May 26, at 7:00 a.m. ET, on Washington DC’s WPGC 95.5 FM.

Claiming Abraham by Michael Lodahl was shortlisted for the 2013 Michael Ramsey prize.

The Evolution of Adam by Peter Enns was reviewed by T. E. Hanna for Of Dust And Kings.

Eyes Wide Open by William D. Romanowski was recommended by Hearts & Minds Books.

Spirituality and the Awakening Self by David G. Benner was referenced by Tennessee Baptist Cooperative Fellowship.

Psalms for All Seasons was referenced in Reformed Worship.


Ebook Specials and Other Offers:

Today is the last day of our May ebook specials, which are currently running for multiple Brazos Press and Baker Academic titles. All of these are at least 52% off.

Searching for Home by Craig M. Barnes
Conversations with Poppi about God by Robert W. Jenson and Solveig Lucia Gold
Everyday Apocalypse by David Dark
The Early Church on Killing edited by Ronald J. Sider
Simon Peter in Scripture and Memory by Markus Bockmuehl

The Weekly Hit List: April 26, 2013

Educating All God's ChildrenEducating All God’s Children by Nicole Baker Fulgham was reviewed by Teach For America’s Chief Knowledge Officer Steven Farr.

“Nicole’s book comes from a Christian perspective, but raises I think critical questions for all of us–of all faiths and lacks thereof–about WHY we are pursuing education equity. . . .

“Maybe (and I hope that) Nicole is right that Christians in this country are “uniquely situated to help solve the problem” of educational equity.  I am inspired by Nicole’s vision that the massive network of Christian churches in the US could–in the same way many were central in the Civil Rights movement–could be a key force in changing the education system.”

Read the rest of the review here.


Nicole Baker Fulgham also wrote for the Teach For America blog: “Don’t ‘Those Parents’ Know What’s Best For Their Kids?”


On God’s Side media:

“The Afternoon Shift” on Chicago Public Radio, WBEZ-FM

CultureCast on Patheos

Chicago Reader

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

“Partisanship and the Common Good on Juicy Ecumenism

“Jim Wallis on Overcoming Terrorism by Brandan Robertson


Quick Hits:

Brian Larson of Trinity Lutheran Church was interviewed about how he built a congregational singing event around Psalms for All Seasons.

Of Games and God by Kevin Schut was recommended by Byron Borger of Hearts & Minds Books.

Of Games and God was also mentioned by The Cardus Daily.

Broken Hallelujahs by Christian Scharen was recommended by Byron Borger of Hearts & Minds Books.

Eyes Wide Open by William D. Romanowski was recommended by Byron Borger of Hearts & Minds Books.


Ebook Specials and Other Offers:

April ebook specials are currently running for multiple Brazos Press and Baker Academic titles. All of these are at least 50% off.

Living into Focus by Arthur Boers
Living the Sabbath by Norman Wirzba
Psalms as Torah by Gordon J. Wenham
The Virtuous Reader by Richard S. Briggs