The Weekly Hit List: February 21, 2014

God and Charles Dickens by Gary L. Colledge was reviewed by M. Daniel Carroll R. for Denver Journal.

“I recommend God and Charles Dickens to Dickens enthusiasts. That wonderful storyteller of another time can cultivate our moral awareness in his intricate and complex portraits of humanity that present people in all of their baseness and glory; he exposes us, too, to the harsh realities of personal and systemic sin in powerful ways.

“Now, what we might appreciate in a new way is that in his works Dickens also offers us wonderful models of charity through whom we might see the Savior and learn to live as more faithful disciples.”

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Quick Hits:

iGods by Craig Detweiler was reviewed on Sunshine Lenses.

Paul Louis Metzger, co-author of Exploring Ecclesiology, wrote “Life Together in the Land of Lewis and Clark: Reflections on Donald Miller and the Northwest Church.”

Miroslav Volf, author of A Public Faith, was interviewed on the life worth living by The Marginalia Review of Books.

M. Daniel Carroll R., author of Christians at the Border, wrote “Frustration with Congress and the Political Football of Immigration Reform” on his Denver Seminary blog.


Ebook Specials:

Postmodernism 101: A First Course for the Curious Christian by Heath White is only $1.99 (89% off) through February 27.

The Weekly Hit List: February 7, 2014

Devin Brown, author of A Life Observed, was interviewed on Dr. Bill Maier Live.

“C. S. Lewis is one of the most influential Christian writers of our time. The Chronicles of Narnia has sold more than 100 million copies worldwide and all Lewis’s works are estimated to sell 6 million copies annually. At the fiftieth anniversary of his death, Lewis expert Devin Brown brings the beloved author’s story to life in a fresh, accessible, and moving biography through focusing on Lewis’s spiritual journey in Brown’s book – A Life Observed.

“Although it was clear from the start that Lewis would be a writer, it was not always clear he would become a Christian. Drawing on Lewis’s autobiographical works, books by those who knew him personally, and his apologetic and fictional writing, this book tells the inspiring story of Lewis’s journey from cynical atheist to joyous Christian and challenges readers to follow their own calling. The book allows Lewis to tell his own life story in a uniquely powerful manner while shedding light on his best-known works.”

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Quick Hits:

iGods by Craig Detweiler was recommended by Tim Challies.

Living into Focus by Arthur Boers was recommended by Buddy Greene in Homecoming Magazine.

Jim Wallis, author of On God’s Side, was quoted on God & Politics in the UK.

The Evolution of Adam by Peter Enns was mentioned in Huffington Post article “Creation Debate Recap: Bill Nye Invites Us to Explore the World, Ken Ham Does Not.”

The Evolution of Adam was recommended by Internet Monk.

Nicole Baker Fulgham, author of Educating All God’s Children, was quoted in Religion News Service article “National Hispanic Leadership Conference Joins Christian and Conservative Leaders in Support of Common Core State Standards.”


Ebook Specials:

God and Charles Dickens: Recovering the Christian Voice of a Classic Author by Gary L. Colledge is only $3.99 (80% off) from participating retailers through February 13. 

Ebook Special for God and Charles Dickens by Gary L. Colledge

Now through February 13, the ebook of God and Charles Dickens: Recovering the Christian Voice of a Classic Author by Gary L. Colledge is only $3.99 (80% off) from the following participating retailers:


Barnes & Noble



“Colledge’s work has been among the most valuable contributions to Dickens scholarship in recent years. His new book . . . focuses on a crucial aspect of Dickens’s life and work that has been sadly neglected of late. . . . The resulting book will appeal to and enlighten Dickens readers at all levels, from the casual fan to the serious scholar. . . . Colledge gets right to the point very early in the book: ‘The Christian nature of his work is straightforward and conspicuous. And it is no wonder, because Dickens was deliberate and intentional in expressing his Christian convictions in his work.’ It’s a bold statement, but Colledge spends the rest of God and Charles Dickens backing it up, thoroughly examining what both Dickens himself and those around him had to say about his own faith and its impact on his writing. . . . Colledge makes a very convincing case for the authentic Christianity of [Dickens’s] voice–a case that will be difficult for any honest critic to ignore.”
Englewood Review of Books

“Gary Colledge’s helpful work, published on the 200th anniversary of [Dickens’s] birth, urges Christian readers in particular to consider rescuing Dickens from the literary quicksand of the past. . . . Working from Dickens’s letters and the best of scholarship, Colledge asserts that the author’s Christian faith was so vital that it can still speak to us today. . . . Colledge offers a passionate case, both well-researched and well-written, that we should find much to embrace in Dickens’s stories. Dickens is an example of what a lay person dedicated to Christ can accomplish through art, as well as through a life of service well-lived.”
The Gospel Coalition

Though Charles Dickens’s writings are now more than 100 years old, many remain in print and are avidly read and studied. Often overlooked–or unknown–are the considerable Christian convictions this author held and displayed in his work.

God and Charles Dickens illuminates a fresh perspective on Dickens by examining Dickens the Christian and showing how Christian beliefs and practices permeate his work. Gary Colledge examines Dickens’s novels, letters, and other writings to explore his Christian thought and worldview. Chapters examine Dickens’s life and work topically, arguing that Christian faith was front and center in some of what he wrote (such as his children’s work The Life of Our Lord) and saliently implicit throughout various other characters and plots. This work, especially timely since 2012 is Dickens’s 200th birthday year, will appeal to students of literature. It brings to life the vital faith of an enduringly important and vastly popular writer.

Gary L. Colledge (PhD, University of St. Andrews) is currently an adjunct professor at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and at Walsh University in Canton, Ohio. He wrote his dissertation on Dickens and Christianity. Colledge is the author of Dickens, Christianity, and “The Life of Our Lord” and contributed several articles to the New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible.