The Weekly Hit List: April 25, 2014

Can We Still Believe the Bible? by Craig Blomberg was reviewed by Living with Faith.

“The author, who is Distinguished Professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary, has written a book aimed not so much to refute sceptics as to guide believers into a balanced understanding and viewpoint of what the questions are and how we can best approach them.

Blomberg makes the point that we find two extremes – ranging from that of religious hardliners demanding unwavering concurrence at one end of the spectrum to unbelieving individuals who try to destroy the faith of believers at the other – and that both extremes are wrong.  Rather, the author shows, we can find a balance in which questions are not only fairly evaluated, but also settled in faith.”

Read the rest of the review here.


Quick Hits:

iGods by Craig Detweiler was reviewed by C.J. Stunkard.

Cross-Shattered Christ by Stanley Hauerwas was mentioned by Peter Ochs on Religion and Ethics.

QIdeas shared “Whatever Happened to the Common Good?” by Jim Wallis, author of On God’s Side.

Big Ideas (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) shared Miroslav Volf’s address for the Centre for Public Christianity at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music on “A Public Faith – Serving the Common Good.”

Marlena Graves, author of the forthcoming book A Beautiful Disaster, wrote “Hanging On The Cross Alongside Jesus” for Missio Alliance.

Brazos Press at the Festival of Faith and Writing

This Thursday through Saturday (April 10-12) is the biennial Festival of Faith and Writing at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Begun in 1990, this conference “brings together writers, editors, publishers, musicians, artists, and readers for three days of discussing and celebrating insightful writing that explores, in some significant way, issues of faith.”

You can find more info about the FF&W (including a schedule of events) here.

Brazos Press, alongside the other divisions of Baker Publishing Group, will be in the exhibition hall (at booths #7-9) highlighting many of our new and relevant titles. Also, several lectures and workshops during the conference include Brazos authors. Here are a few highlights:

Thursday, 3:15 p.m. – 4:15 p.m.: Daniel Taylor will present on “The Use of Story in Popular Apologetics: Why It Works and How to Do It.”

Friday, 3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.: Marlena Graves will participate in a panel discussion with Edward Gilbreath, Al Hsu, and Helen Lee on “Issues Facing Writers of Color in Christian Publishing.”

Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.: Miroslav Volf will present on “The Ends of Our Lives.”

Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.: Brazos Press acquisitions editor Robert Hosack will participate in a panel discussion with Rachel Marie Stone and Adrianna Wright on “Publishing While Christian: How Not to Lose Your Soul as You Write and Promote Your Book.”

Saturday, 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.: Daniel Taylor will participate in a panel discussion with John Leax and James Schaap on “Wearing Our Trousers Rolled: Writing into the Years.”

Saturday, 3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.: Miroslav Volf will be interviewed.

We are excited to be a part of this year’s festival and that Brazos Press will be so well represented. If you’re around for the festival, be sure to stop by our booth to say hello!

The Weekly Hit List: March 21, 2014

Five Brazos Press titles were selected as finalists in the ForeWord Reviews 2013 Book of the Year Awards.

A Life Observed: A Spiritual Biography of C. S. Lewis by Devin Brown in the Biography category
Drawing on Lewis’s autobiographical works, books by those who knew him personally, and his apologetic and fictional writing, this book tells the inspiring story of Lewis’s journey from cynical atheist to joyous Christian and challenges readers to follow their own calling. The book allows Lewis to tell his own life story in a uniquely powerful manner while shedding light on his best-known works.



Educating All God’s Children: What Christians Can—and Should—Do to Improve Public Education for Low-Income Kids by Nicole Baker Fulgham in the Education category
Education expert explores what Christians can—and should—do to champion urgently needed reform and help improve our public schools. The book provides concrete action steps for working to ensure that all of God’s children get the quality public education they deserve.



iGods: How Technology Shapes Our Spiritual and Social Lives by Craig Detweiler in the Popular Culture category
Provides needed Christian perspective on navigating today’s social media culture. Detweiler interacts with major symbols, or “iGods,” of our distracted age—Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Pixar, YouTube, and Twitter—to investigate the impact of the technologies and cultural phenomena that drive us. Detweiler offers a historic look at where we’ve been and a prophetic look at where we’re headed, helping us sort out the immediate from the eternal, the digital from the divine.


Of Games and God: A Christian Exploration of Video Games by Kevin Schut in the Popular Culture category
Kevin Schut, a communications expert and an enthusiastic gamer himself, offers a lively, balanced, and informed Christian evaluation of video games and video game culture. He expertly engages a variety of issues, encouraging readers to consider both the perils and the promise of this major cultural phenomenon.



On God’s Side: What Religion Forgets and Politics Hasn’t Learned about Serving the Common Good by Jim Wallis in the Religion category
Wallis explores how Jesus’s agenda can serve the common good, what it takes to sustain a lifelong commitment to social justice, and how reading the Bible as well as the culture can shape our lives for genuine transformation.




The complete list of the ForeWord Reviews’ 2013 Book of the Year Award Finalists is available here.

The full press release from Brazos Press is available here.


Can We Still Believe the Bible? Media:

Margaret Feinberg published the second of several weekly interviews with Craig Blomberg.

This week for the Can We Still Believe the Bible? blog tour, Ken Schenck responded to chapter 1, Joel L. Watts and Lee Martin McDonald responded to chapter 2, and Phillip J. Long responded to chapter 3. The remaining blog tour posts will appear next week.

Don’t miss our five-book package giveaway (worth $180), which ends next Thursday, March 27.


Quick Hits:

Miroslav Volf, author of A Public Faith, wrote “Exclusion or Saturation? Rethinking the Place of Religion in Public Life” for ABC Religion and Ethics.

iGods by Craig Detweiler was reviewed by Jim Kane.

Just Politics by Ronald J. Sider was recommended by Byron Borger of Hearts & Minds Books.


Ebook Specials:

Letters to a Young Calvinist: An Invitation to the Reformed Tradition by James K. A. Smith is only $2.99 (80%) off through March 27.

The Weekly Hit List: March 14, 2014

Can We Still Believe the Bible? by Craig Blomberg was reviewed by Christianity Today.

“Over decades toiling away in the weeds of biblical scholarship, Denver Seminary’s Blomberg has seen fashionable theories and methodologies come and go. None of them has dented his confidence that Scripture is the revealed Word of God. In fact, that confidence has been fortified.”

Read the rest of the review here.


Margaret Feinberg published the first of several weekly interviews with Craig Blomberg. She also recommended Can We Still Believe the Bible? as one of her “Best resources for this week’s reading.”

Can We Still Believe the Bible? was reviewed and recommended by Dr. David B. Capes.


Quick Hits:

Daniel Taylor, author of Creating a Spiritual Legacy, appear on My Faith Radio program Connecting Faith.

Glittering Vices by Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung was reviewed by John Frye on Jesus Creed: part 1 and part 2.

A Public Faith by Miroslav Volf was reviewed by Ethos.

Learning for the Love of God by Donald Opitz and Derek Melleby was reviewed by Dr. Conrade Yap.

The Weekly Hit List: January 3, 2014

iGods by Craig Detweiler was reviewed by Andrew Byers for Christianity Today.

“Where he excels most notably is in his careful, well-researched portrayal of the values and motivations behind the digital technologies so tightly woven into the fabric of our lives. By tracing the formation of the iGod institutions, his book constitutes ‘an active resistance to a thoughtless embrace.’

“We’re offered a theologically informed exposé of technological influences and a cautionary reminder that our media gadgets and their makers are far from neutral. Technology shapes us. And the technology of our day is continually insinuating that newer, faster, and sleeker are superior values.”

Read the rest of “Our Love Affair with the
Letter ‘i'” here.


Quick Hits:

Hearts & Minds Books recommended Of Games and God by Kevin Schut.

Of Games and God was also reviewed in The Mennonite.

Nicole Baker Fulgham, author of Educating All God’s Children, wrote “The World Needs Me Pursuing Better Public Education for Everyone” for Comment Magazine.

The December issue of Political Theology is devoted to discussing Miroslav Volf’s A Public Faith.

A Life Observed by Devin Brown was reviewed on Bob on Books.


Ebook Specials:

Adventures in Daily Prayer: Experiencing the Power of God’s Love by Bert Ghezzi is only $1.99 (72% off) through January 4.

The Weekly Hit List: November 15, 2013

Of Games and God by Kevin Schut was reviewed in The Artistic Theologian, a journal of ministry and arts by the School of Church Music at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

“Schut doesn’t try to give us the final word on the morality of video games; instead, he walks the journey with the reader, attempting to apply what the Bible has to say and helping the reader build a healthy critical framework from which to approach important issues in the gaming world.

Of Games & God is a great book for the inquisitive Christian, whether a parent, pastor, or ‘gamer.'”

Read the rest of the review here.



Quick Hits:

iGods by Craig Detweiler was reviewed by Preaching Magazine.

Devin Brown, author of A Life Observed, traced the spiritual journey of C. S. Lewis on Moody Radio”s In the Market with Janet Parshall.

A Public Faith by Miroslav Volf was recommended by Rev. Benedict Varnum.

Educating All God’s Children by Nicole Baker Fulgham was recommended on Hearts & Minds Books.

The Weekly Hit List: October 25, 2013

Cover ArtPublishers Weekly reviewed iGods, by Craig Detweiler.

“An excellent conversation starter recommended for classroom use; Detweiler has made a solid contribution to the growing literature about religion and technology.”

Quick Hits:

At Thoughts Theological, Terrance Tiessen reviewed Daniel Bell’s Just War as Christian Discipleship.

Peter Stevens, at life, the universe, and everything, reviewed Devin Brown’s A Life Observed.

Bob Trube reviewed A Public Faith, by Miroslav Volf, for Intervarsity’s Emerging Scholars Blog.

Ebook Specials:

Through October 27, Living the Sabbath by Norman Wirzba is on sale for only $4.99 at participating retailors. Learn more here.


The Weekly Hit List: October 18, 2013

Cover ArtNicole Baker Fulgham, author of Educating All God’s Children, wrote the article “How Can People of Faith Help Students Achieve Their Potential?” for Sojourners.

“Christians are often known for meeting local, immediate needs. Thousands of churches have programs connecting to schools – whether it’s donating backpack supplies, hosting afterschool programs or teacher appreciation dinners. We believe that work is good, but we can amplify our impact by also turning our focus to programs that increase student’s educational outcomes. High quality tutoring programs, for example, can make a huge impact on student learning. Holistic church/school partnerships with an eye to education and classroom activities can help transform a school. Churches are well positioned to lead this charge.”

Quick Hits:

At G92, M. Daniel Carroll, author of Christians at the Border, wrote about Immigration Laws in the Old Testament and Now.

Ted Schroder at Virtue Online referenced Kathryn Greene-McCreight’s book, Darkness Is My Only Companion.

Joshua Morris reviewed Miroslav Volf’s A Public Faith, for Forward-Leaning Spirit.

The CS Lewis Society of Frederick, MD reviewed Devin Brown’s A Life Observed.

The Weekly Hit List: June 21, 2013

A Public Faith by Miroslav Volf was reviewed by Sarita Fowler with J. Scott Horrell for Bibliotheca Sacra.

“This work calls for a close reading but is not out of reach of most readers.

“As he envisions a harmonious world, or the need to strive for one, Volf emerges as a majestic thinker and architect for how public Christian expression can function.

“With careful reading A Public Faith will benefit anyone interested in the intersection of Christianity and other religions.”

Read the rest of the review here.



On God’s Side Media:

“All Sides with Ann Fisher” on WOSU 89.7 NPR News.

“The Post-Cynical Christian” on Sojourners

“Would Jesus Love Ayn Rand Economics?” on


Quick Hits:

Educating All God’s Children by Nicole Baker Fulgham was recommended by Sojourners.

A Hobbit Journey by Matthew Dickerson was reviewed by Sian Williams.

The Evolution of Adam by Peter Enns was reviewed by Matthew Vaughan for Christian Scholar’s Review.

Letters to a Young Calvinist by James K. A. Smith was reviewed by Thomas Creedy.

Letters to a Young Calvinis was also recommended by David G. Moore on Jesus Creed.


Ebook Specials and Other Offers:

June ebook specials are currently running for multiple Brazos Press and Baker Academic titles. All of these are at least 60% off.

Reclaiming the Body by Joel Shuman and Brian Volck M.D.
From Homer to Harry Potter by Matthew Dickerson and David O’Hara
Conversations with Poppi about God by Robert W. Jenson and Solveig Lucia Gold
Understanding Paul by Stephen Westerholm
What Christians Believe about the Bible 
by Don Thorsen and Keith Reeves

Summer Book Giveaway

To kick off the summer, we are giving away five books to one lucky Brazos Blog reader.


On Gods Side

On God’s Side: What Religion Forgets and Politics Hasn’t Learned about Serving the Common Good
by Jim Wallis

| 9781587433375 | $21.99 | April 2013 |

Jim Wallis thinks our life together can be better. In this timely and provocative book, he shows us how to reclaim Jesus’s ancient and compelling vision of the common good—a vision that impacts and inspires not only our politics but also our personal lives, families, churches, neighborhoods, and world.


Educating All God's Children

Educating All God’s Children: What Christians Can—and Should–Do to Improve Public Education for Low-Income Kids
by Nicole Baker Fulgham

| 9781587433276 | $17.99 | April 2013 |

An education expert calls Christians to champion urgently needed reform and provides concrete steps to help all children get the quality public education they deserve.



Of Games and GodOf Games and God: A Christian Exploration of Video Games
by Kevin Schut

| 9781587433252 | $16.99 | January 2013 |

A communications expert and enthusiastic gamer offers a lively, balanced, and informed Christian perspective on video games and video game culture.





A Public Faith: How Followers of Christ Should Serve the Common Good
by Miroslav Volf

| 9781587433436 | $17.99 | May 2013 |

An intellectual and applied Christian engagement with what it really means to flourish as human beings in relationship to God and one another.



A Hobbit JourneyA Hobbit Journey: Discovering the Enchantment of J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth
by Matthew Dickerson

| 9781587433009 | $16.99 | September 2012|

An expert on The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy shows how a Christian worldview and themes undergird Tolkien’s classic works.